An introductory note

Dear readers,

Having been invited to join the NLOB research team, and given how recent discussions responding to the question, “what is natural history?”, have started mulling over another question of definition, “what is art?”, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves to everybody reading this blog.

Over the next four months myself and Susanne Kudielka will be collaborating (as artists) with all those currently involved in the ‘New Light on Old Bones’ (NLOB) process. We will be offering a potentially different perspective or approach to research practices, while exploring alternative ways in which both the general public and museum professionals might relate to, respond to, and interact with the Rossendale Museum, inspired by the natural history collection that can be found there.

How can the NLOB research lead to new creative approaches and strategies for museum interpretation and visitor interaction? How can taking a closer look at the social context of a museum’s collection help society engage with issues such as mortality, or connect people to an understanding, sensitivity and appreciation of both their natural and built environments?

This blog has developed into a challenging and engaging resource, thanks to all those who have contributed to the discussions that have emerged. In January we will join this process, posting some of our own thoughts and questions, as we try to explore the creative potential of the NLOB discourse. We will question some of the assumptions that have been made, try to place themes that have emerged within a contemporary context, and start to ask what the function or purpose of a museum is/could potentially be. We will also start posting a few links of our own to the blogroll, highlighting projects or sources of inspiration (both positive and negative) that we hope might be of interest. This dialogue will run alongside a more practical approach to exploring and implementing concrete ideas for community and artistic engagement.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and wish everybody a productive and enjoyable start to the New Year,
Susanne & Kaspar

If you would like to find out more about our previous work please take a look at our website/blog:



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3 responses to “An introductory note

  1. Sounds like a wonderful initiatve. Looking forward to seeing what you do. – Eric

  2. David Craven

    We’re delighted to have Kaspar and Susanne involved, and there’ll be a few other new faces contributing here other the next 3 months as the outcomes of NLOB are finalised and then we start disseminating it to the sector.

  3. Hello Kaspar, Susanne, and All,
    I was happy to meet again with Kaspar and Susanne at the meeting last week! I’ve enjoyed what you’ve written above, thank you. As a reminder note for anyone that may not know, Laura has set up a radio press date and release regarding the work that Kaspar and Susanne will be doing with the project. They will be interviewing with the John Gillmore show about the project on BBC Radio Lancs at 3pm on 17 January, this Monday.

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