NLOB: Collaborate!

Mark’s first posts have been such a wonderful stream of ideas and discoveries that I feel guilty interrupting. But I do want to make a bit of an appeal.

One thing we were very keen on in setting this blog up was that it would be a place people could share their ideas, stories, and thoughts about natural history in museums. What we want is that Mark’s posts inspire you to comment. I often find that what Mark has written will set off some train of thought in my head. I’m sure you are the same.

I know from comments made to me in person that you are enjoying the blog. So can I encourage you all to start taking part too?




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2 responses to “NLOB: Collaborate!

  1. Mark Steadman

    Thanks David. To duplicate what David’s said here… any comments are welcome, no matter how short.

  2. Sam Alberti

    I agree too

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